How our team has set up performance tests on web-based application pages: steps to develop tests, what we tested, how we checked results, and our choice of performance libraries.

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Learn more about some of the useful new improvements coming in the next Bonita platform release.

Here I share a comprehensive overview of how we are organised to support customers at every point in their journey

First contact: pre-sales & sales

User interfaces that load rapidly and accurately make users happy and score better in search engines. This article recalls basic foundations of good web application performance, and offers insights from a case study based on Process Analytics BPMN Visualization library.

If you are using legacy software and you want to add new features without adding more complexity, this article describes Domain Driven Design, Clean Architecture, or CQRS techniques based on a real life example

Context and methodology

Refactoring, adding a new component, or updating a package can sometimes change the appearance of the application. How can we make sure that the visuals are always correct and less painful to test? Here’s one way.


Or, do you really need to code your UI?

What is a UI Builder?


In this article, I continue the step-by-step explanation of how user interface pages are developed by the Bonitasoft team.

Modal general decisions

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step explanation, with examples, of how user interface pages are developed by the Bonitasoft team.


Bonitasoft helps innovative companies worldwide deliver better digital user experiences — for customers and employees — on the Bonita application platform.

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