A better life with development environment provisioning

  • Business: strategies, policies and decisions like budgets, human resources and projects. How useful is a powerful new tool if you can’t train your team?
  • Technical: concepts, technologies, tools and architectures like High Availability, Gradle, BitBucket and Microservices. How to support development if you don’t rely on up-to-date technologies?
  • Continuous adaptation to workload — up and down — which translates to better scalability, availability and responsiveness, and lower costs overall.
  • Ease the transition to newer technologies (Operating System, applications, etc) which is often necessary to fix issues and to innovate.
  • Improve security with limitations, permissions and backups.
  • Make onboarding and follow up of team members much easier with unified and dedicated environments.
  • Create a new image/bundle and recycle the AWS WorkSpaces.
  • Upgrade the existing AWS WorkSpaces one by one.
  • Make the whole system more efficient using AWS WorkSpaces API, RPA or Containers (I should write about them sometime!)



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