Get a good first look at what’s coming in Bonita 2021.2

by Delphine Coille, Bonitasoft Community Manager

The release of Bonita 2021.2 is coming up…and we’re giving you not just a sneak peek, but a deep dive.

Bonita 2021.2 has a brand-new “composition” feature, which reduces even further the need to code.

Use the Project Composer to make up projects of extensions, reuse them, see and import all extensions from Bonita Marketplace or from other sources, and manage upgrades.

And with Bonita 2021.2, we say goodbye (for real) to Bonita Portal, and hello to new Bonita user interfaces.

  • Yes, Bonita Portal will be removed from the Bonita platform.
  • All various user interfaces will be based on Bonita applications.

So, in addition to the existing fully extensible and customizable Bonita User and Bonita Administrator applications, there will be 2 new default applications:

  • Super Administrator
  • Bonita Application Directory

Custom profiles available in Bonita Enterprise Edition are evolving as well.

Want to know more? The Bonita 2021.2 beta release is coming very soon, so watch this space.

And in the meantime, here are two deep-dive webinars to investigate these new functionalities further.



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