Make your existing solution tastier with serverless salt: feasibility

  • Name: “bonita”
  • Access: “Programmatic access”
  • Permissions: “AWSLambdaFullAccess” with no boundaries from existing policies
  • Save the generated “Access key ID” and ”Secret access key” values in a safe location
  • Create a file named “credentials” in the folder “.aws” of the home directory
  • Add access information in this file
  • Name: “example”
  • Runtime: “Java 8”
  • Role: “Create a new role from one or more templates”
  • Role name: “serverless”
  • Handler: “”
  • Function package: the JAR
  • Model: structure of the data
  • Controller: business logic
  • View: responsive UI
  • Request the AWS Lambda function using the “AWS Lambda” Bonita connector
  • Persist the result as a “LambdaResult” Business Object instance
  • Provide a UI form that displays the persisted “LambdaResult” Business Object instance
  • Content: the hard-coded content providehe request
  • Status code: 200, the request has been execd in tuted with success
  • Function Error: none, no errors
  • Log Result: none, no logs
  • Executed Version: $LATEST, it used the latest defined version of the function



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