Workplace flexibility is more than a perk

by Charlotte Adams, VP of People, Bonitasoft

Great leaders and great companies know their greatest assets are their employees. But how do they attract and retain great people? By employing a strategy for flexibility in the workplace. Adding workplace flexibility allows each employee to go at their own pace, to organize their workday according to their professional and personal needs. You treat them with trust and respect and they will do the same in return. Allowing them the ability to have their lives not solely revolve around work is an investment into your employees and your business.

Yep, remote meetings are fun, aren’t they? :D

At Bonitasoft, we implemented a worklace flexibility policy in 2019 that allows each employee to work from the location of their choosing and to organize their work hours as they see fit. The number of hours worked is not what matters, what matters is the end result.

When the coronavirus pandemic led to the closures of offices across the world, Bonitasofters were already set to go to 100% work from home. We are glad that the policy already in place allowed us to make that transition quickly and effectively, so we have been able to continue to support our customers, partners, community — and each other.



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